Journalist: Aleksander Heen
Translation: Ingvild Haugen


Wednesday October 26th, UKEauction and open mic night were on the program. The UKEauction has become a standard event during UKA, where creative sales objects and services are auctioned off in support of the UKEhelp and WWF. Festsalen was filled to the edge this evening, with eager auction participants and visitors who came to take part in the event, as the UKEauction can be relatively entertaining. On top of his game, an auctioneer kept control of value assessment and incoming offers, and the student unions happily offered pranks of their own. In the end, there was a stunt from this year’s UKEleader who’d signed up for hair removal using Gaffa-tape, and a mix of laughter, sympathy and malicious joy spread in the room…

Photos: Runa Tunheim


Open mic night

Oslo’s by:Larm is a well-known concept for people who love music. During the UKA open mic night the university’s musical sphere take the stage in Halvors hybel, and the concept gives an arena for local musicians to charm the audience. This year’s line-up included five bands, of which the first on stage was Sigrid Elise Fossan with band. Sigrid gave us a line-up of self-produced songs in the genre of pop-country, and finished her set with a respectable cover of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep. The vocals are good, and the band sounds solid. Fun keys and steady bass lines characterize the soundscape. 

Young Cisto gave us a fire work of a Hip Hop-presentation. The group consists of two young rappers with a modern, international sound, where the songs are performed to backing tracks. Such a concept could easily fall through, but the guys deliver with good vocals and a nice flow. Line after line is smoothly performed, and Halvors hybel is for a moment underground. It sounds cool. 

Like a Great Big Sexy Genius, or LABSG, delivered real rock with solid guitars and rhythmic bedrock. The soundscape is characterized by classic rock and modern alternative. The band gives of itself, and the audience follows. A cover song by Wolfmothers Joker and the Thief turns into an improvised jam, and is convincingly performed. 

Tylle and the Octopuses is a new band concept in alternative-land. The band comes on stage wearing masks, and vocals are performed as a story, set to a dark background video. The octopuses have found themselves a very interesting sound with heart breaking violin and violin bow on guitar. It’s easy to see parallels to Sigur Ros, but this is not music you’d hear on Discovery Channel – this is V for Vendetta. 

To finish off the night is a known Ås-band; Fri Fjær. The group plays Ska-punk, including wind instruments and rocked guitaring. There is no shortage of enthusiasm from the band, with up to three vocalists singing. The fans want more, and it goes on and on until closing time. 

Photos: Henrik Aulie Søvik