Norwegian Championship in law was decided after 77 forceful throws from the tower building at Ås. Among the men it was pointing to a shared victory with a lenght of 25 m. To decide the victor there was for the first time in history organized a duel, where the two were throwing side by side.

The duel, however, lead to a new record of 27 m, and Even Stokke earned himself a first place followed by Martin Reigstad. Among the women there was also a good participation, won by Ina Kristine Rykkelid with the strong 16.5 m, which passed the best in the faculty class, Håvard Steinsholt, with half a meter.

Results of the NC 2016:
Men: Even Stokke, 27 m
Martin Reigstad, 25 m
Hans-Kristian Hartvig, 20,5 m

Ina Kristine Rykkelid, 16,5 m
Tina Torsnes. 14,5 m
June Kvandal, 12 m