During democracy hour on October 26th, UKA offered a meditation course lead by Lena J. Kallander, who has worked with healing and meditation since 2002. We were introduced to three relaxing breathing exercises, got advice on how to make everyday life less stressful and how to better listen to your own needs. Our eyes grew increasingly blissful during the course, and we became conscious of the energy around us in the room. We were really able to lower our shoulders and take a break from the school day.

Photo: Maria Braaten Langhelle

Photo: Maria Braaten Langhelle

After the course, I had a chat with two of the participants, Karen Melhus Sjølli and Kaja T. Wivestad: 

“Have you tried meditation before?” 
“Yes, a little bit. Meditation can be so many different things. One may look at it as something very spiritual, but it can also be a very down-to-earth way of calming down. The issue is to find time for it in every-day life, but we don’t think it should be forced. It’s nice to use meditation to “tune in” and get some rooting, to become more conscious of the now. Wow, this sounds very spiritual now”, they laugh. 

“How are you feeling after the course?”
“Very relaxed. It was very comfortable to have a guided meditation, and nice to meditate together with others. It feels great all through the body!” 

The participants return to lectures and everyday errands – but breathing more calmly, and having gained a few new meditation tools. 

Text: Karoline Bjørnaali
Translation: Ingvild Haugen

Photos: Maria Braaten Langhelle