Magic in Aud.Max.

It’s Thursday and Daniel Larson has brought his magic tricks to Aud.Max. While we wait to enter we’re unsure what to expect from the show, will he be able to trick us? Will we get to see something we haven’t seen before? We’re excited as we sit down. Daniel steps forward wearing a sparkly suit jacket worthy of a magician, and starts the show with card tricks. He gets a good connection with the audience, while I can’t say that the card trick is very convincing. Which might in fact have been the point, because in the next trick he lends a 100-note from someone in the audience, which spectacularly shows up in the core of a seemingly untouched apple. At this, he had our attention, and the rest of the show was of good calibre with light humour and cool tricks which we still do not have completely figured out. All in all it was a fun affair, perfect for children – and even better: It makes you feel like a child again!

Photos: Ingvill Eikelund

Quiz finale!

During UKA several quizzes have been held, and tonight was set for the third and last UKEquiz. Aud.Max. was filled completely and expectations were high. Who would leave with the great overall victory? The quiz master yet again had put together a great combination of trivial and less trivial questions – for instance, what does http stand for? What is the most popular thing to put on pizza in Australia? (Answer: Eggs). Where does the word Mafia come from? After the points were counted the three teams with most right answers were allowed on stage. In third was “Big Hero 5”, and sharing the first place were “Serious quizzness” and “Grab’en by the quizzy”. In the end, a final winner had to be decided on, and after a duel where today’s Norwegian Championship in “law throwing” was the theme, “Serious Quizzness” won. We don’t have to feel sorry for “Grab’em by the quizzy” tough, because they were the ones who did best overall, and brought the honourable trophy home: The UKAquiz wooden board! This means that “Grab’em by the quizzy” is soon to be engraved in the line of previous UKAquiz-winners. Congratulations! 

Text: Ingeborg Høiaas
Translation: Ingvild Haugen

Photos: Randi Mæhlum