On Monday evening, everything was set for the Oktoberfest in Aud.Max. Costumes were on, beer kegs were emptied and the atmosphere was great. Even though most people wore a traditional Oktoberfest costume, some revelers mixed it up with Oktoberfest-second-skin-suits ("Kondomdrakter" in Norwegian) and beer costumes.

After some time, the cover band Falsen entered the stage. They played a repertoire of varied songs to an energetic crowd. A good selection of songs kept the singalong going throughout the concert, and a little toasting in-between kept the mood up. The sound level reached epic proportions when the band played a public favorite, the song “Idyll” by the Norwegian band Postgirobygget.

When the band went off stage, it was time for more music, more dancing and more beer. The night got a little too wild for some, as an accident occurred in the staircase, after which sawdust was sprinkled over to prevent it from happening again. All in all, it was a fun evening and surely a night to remember.

Photo: Oda Jørgensen and Solveig Myklebust