On Sunday, it was finally time for the traditional congregation during UKA in Ås. Aud.Max was converted into a “Campus Cathedral”, and served as a church for all of Ås this Sunday. Student priest Øystein Spilling led the service for the third time, and by his side were the dean of Søndre Follo deanery, Hege E. Fagermoen, and pastor for Ås and Kroer, Georg Børresen. In addition, peace researcher, philosopher and Nobel Committee member Henrik Syse took part in the service.

The themes of this year’s UKEcongregation were science, love and faith; current themes, in other words. Øystein Spilling and Henrik Syse held an interesting, reflected and thought-provoking dialogue-sermon where they discussed the main theme of the day. The sermon clearly caught the attention of the assembly, and the dialogue worked perfectly. The UKEcongregation also held an impressive musical performance by the student choir NGA – Noe Ganske Annet. They performed several songs, but it was especially beautiful when they sang Hans Hyldbakks poem “Vårsøg”, to a melody by Henning Sommero. The service was finally rounded off by “smooth” music from the band Proprius and a simple church coffee. 

Photo: Mari Foros Bjerklund