After trying out the rodeo bull outside Aud.Max, both young and old were ready for Ni Liv. After the doors opened at 9:40 PM, it didn’t take long before the concert was on and the audience going. As the concert started quite early, there was plenty of space for dancing initially, but by the time “Må bare må” was played, the space on the dance floor got tight. Nice variation between high-beat and calm songs made this an amazing concert.


By the time Vazelina Bilopphøggers took the stage, Aud.Max. was completely packed. During the first song, there was a problem with the main vocalist’s microphone, but this was quickly sorted and did not hinder the party. There was a lot of singalong, especially on songs such as “Surfbrett”, “Fem fyrer med ved” and “Traktor med henger”. The light show was something else this night due to the enormous disco ball in the middle of the ceiling. When Vazelina said thank you and goodbye, they got a huge applause and screams for more, to which they complied and gave the great last song “Harry Hoover”. All in all these were two very entertaining concerts with lots of dance and incredible atmosphere. 

Photo: Heidi Engeland, Henrik Aulie Søvik and Nina Vold Johansen