It turned out a thrilling evening when Perfect Escape made the trip to Ås Sunday night. The participants, in groups of four to six people, were welcomed by two mysterious gentlemen in suits and sunglasses named Agent Perfect and Agent Less Perfect. They said that the participants were about to partake in a fierce spy hunt in order to qualify as secret agents of Perfect Intelligence.

Having been introduced to the history of the game, each of the teams chose a leader, who got to go to the back room with the agents and receive one top secret suitcase and a document file each. The teams were thereafter required to solve several fun and varied tasks in order to access the contents of the suitcase, and getting one step closer in the spy hunt. The goal of the game was to finish the mission within an hour, but only the fastest team was to be offered a job in Perfect Intelligence (and gift cards to Perfect Escape in Ski).

The teams excitedly got to it, and the sound of deep thinking was accompanied by music from known and loved spy movies such as James Bond and Mission Impossible.

The suspense increased with each tick of the clock, and the same could be said about the sound level. All of the teams went all in, but with almost 20 minutes to spare before the hour was up, the first team finished and won. Congratulations! 

Photo: Christine Blix