Saturday night, the scene was set for rock in Aud.Max. DumDum Boys got the concert started with the favourite song “Enhjørning”, which brought the singalong factor on right away. Further into the concert, songs such as “Englefjes”, “Slave” and “Kald dag i helvete” made for a happy audience. The band showed clearly why they are considered one of the four great within Norwegian rock, sporting an incredible stage show and unmatchable level of energy. After playing “Splitter pine” and calling it a night, the concert appeared to be over. However, after deafening calls for more, the band returned on stage and performed three bonus songs.

Festsalen and Skinny Days were up next. Festsalen was rather empty to start with, but when the music duo started playing it didn’t take long before space got tight. Songs such as “In a Good Way”, “Alright Right Now” and “We Got Something” were met with great engagement and dance from the audience. All in all this was a spectacular end to the night.  

Photo: Bendik Hassel, Christine Blix and Randi Oline Mæhlum