Five minutes before UKA in Ås’ own Beat for Beat show, it seemed to become something as rare as a sparse night at Samfunnet. Festsalen was almost completely empty, and looked more like a lecture on a really early Thursday morning. In a second, the room filled up, and all of a sudden there was a great mood and a full revenue. The House Band started a funky slap bass intro, with impressive skills, especially from the bassist and the drummer. Dancing onto the stage with sassy moves, came UKEbeat’s own Ivar Dyrhaug, the enthusiastic Simen Skistad. The atmosphere was set, and the audience, band, and host were excited. 

The participants were the choirs Lærken, NGA, Over Rævne and Ivar. The choirs were represented by three members each, who were all dressed up in their choirs’ characteristic outfits.

In the first part of the contest, «grab the microphooone», NGA got the first point, with a lovely performance of «Uptown funk». The next song was «I Need a Hero» and for the second time, NGA was the first to reach the microphone, with the Ivarinnes right behind. However, both teams were unsure of the lyrics, and Lærken joined the fun by stealing the mic and performing with the right lyrics. They also answered correctly to the theory question, and they were now in the lead. In the contest’s second part, «5 on a row», a medley was played by the House Band. Here, the score was quite close, but Lærken had the lead after an even and good effort. However, nothing was settled yet, and in the last part of the contest double points were given. The first song meant a change in genres with «Jail House Rock». Yet another time, Lærken was the fastest and they also impressed us by dancing swing while singing. After also guessing right after the first tone of the last song, there was no doubt: They were the night’s winners! In the right Beat for Beat spirit, the musical night was rounded off with a singalong from people in the audience.  

Text: Bendik Bjørkelo Østmoen

Translation: Kjersti Prestru

Photo: Amanda Løvstad, Johanne Grøndahl Klausen and Julia Frisk Brendehaug