Even after two and a half weeks of UKA, the Ås students are still keeping it up during the nights. This night’s main person was Cezinando, winner of Urørt 2015, who at the age of 20 has already released three albums. The audience started filling up the room, and it had been a long time since Halvor’s Hybel was this crowded. They all got their money’s worth: Cezinando delivered one line after another in Norwegian (!), with supreme timing and communication skills. With his somewhat lanky body, he was all over the stage, showing us dancing considered quite non-traditional, but well received. The lyrics contain lots of references and express feelings about being 20 years old in 2016; exemplified best in the hit «€PA».

This concert was quality rather than quantity, which led the audience to demand an extra song and stay in front of the stage even after that, hoping to see more art on the stage. To quote a person in the crowd: «This is the kind of experience that’s gonna make you say: Where were you when Cezinando played in Halvor’s Hybel?»

Text: Jon Eskild Mostue Sæther

Translation: Kjersti Prestrud

Photo: Amanda Løvstad and Johanne Grøndahl Klausen