UKA took a sporty turn with the activity day being organised Thursday 20.10. The day that we were to find out who among the students here in Ås is the best in the most activities.  The event started at 14 o`clock. The weather was on the rainy side, but despite this six teams had gathered at Storebrand to crown a winner of the activity day 2016. The attending seemed to be in good spirits in spite the unstable weather, and both the mood and the competitive spirit were high when the matches started.

There were matches in three disciplines: football, ultimate Frisbee and dodgeball. In addition there were two extra tasks, which were wheelchair slalom and air riffle shooting on beer bottles. The competitions filled the whole of Storebrand and were all exciting to varying degrees.

In the end the three teams, Slangehulen, Vicious and Delicious and Nordisk Landskamp stood on the winner’s pole.  All the three teams got great prizes, but the grandest prize went not too surprisingly to Nordisk Landskamp: A team that showed a special mix of winner instinct and skills while going undefeated through the day. We send them a never so small tribute and hope that none of them had lubricated their lips with Trofodermin. 

Photo: Nina Vold Johansen