This Monday was UKA's environmental day. At Vitenparken Kristin Halvorsen, director of CICERO and former Socialist Left Party politician, had a presentation about the future zero emissions society. 

There was a good vibe in the room and several took the opportunity to eat from Vitenparken’s menu of foods from local farms, and drink beer from their microbrewery. Environment friendly food, to put it simply. 

Kristin presented the current climate situation in an entertaining way, without undermining the seriousness of our planet’s condition. She drew parallels between the current need to think new, the battle for gender equality in Norway, and presented an admonition to take scientists seriously when they say that Norway is going to become wetter, wilder and warmer in the future.

Photo: Nina Vold Johansen

Photo: Nina Vold Johansen

What entails a good life in a zero emissions society?

Together with Kristin, NMBU professor Erik Trømborg, NMBU student Oskar Aalde, the leader of KlimaRÅD, Uta Gjertsen from concerned scientists and Tor Olfsen of AF Energy- and Environmental Technology tried to answer this question. There was broad agreement that we need to start rethinking if we are to reach the climate goals we have set ourselves. The panel also agreed that time will be more valued in a zero emissions society than it is today: It’s more sustainable to go away for longer when we do travel. Half-joking Oskar adds “VR-headset! In 25 years they will be so advanced you won’t need to go anywhere! Now that’s sustainable.”

Looking into the crystal ball and guessing where we’ll be at in 25 years isn’t easy, but tonight’s debate panel seemed relatively optimistic. Hopefully, in 25 years we’ll be able to travel to see the wonders of the world with an equally good conscience as if we were to see them through a virtual reality.

Text: Ingeborg Høiaas

Translation: Ingvild Haugen

Foto: Nina Vold Johansen