The improvisationgroup, BMI (Bare Moro Impro), consisting of Christian Mikkelsen, Olav Svarstad Haugland, Emil Lystvedt Berntsen and one absent member, is finally touring Norway! They’re known from the NRK-series, “BMI - Tour”, and have for a long time acted for full houses in Bergen.

BMI can be described as improvised stand up where the comedians are challenged by each other and by the audience, to create skits that make the audience shake from laughter in their seats. They surely made that happen when they visited Aud.Max. Tuesday evening! For instance, they improvised a radio show with the Ås-familiar name “Radio moo”, where themes, song titles and music genres where delivered by the audience. Songs as “I love my mom, therefore I make love with my cow”, “cow milk” and “I don’t know”, in the genres country and classic rock were surprisingly catchy, and received great applause.

They also improvised characters from the tinder-account of a lucky/unlucky girl in the audience, and after meeting Mads, Marius and Trym the audience had to vote for or against a swipe to the right.

After many funny skits in an outstanding, awkward show filled with laughter, BMI received standing applause from the biggest concert arena at Samfunnet. The students went happy and satisfied home, with a couple of new possible Tinder-matches, sore laughing muscles and many good memories.

Foto: Solveig Myklebust