Day 13 of UKA in Ås was set for a sponsorday with Jernbaneverket. The day started with a company presentation in Festsalen, where the students were served coffee, soda and baguettes. Jernbaneverket spoke about what their jobs are on various fronts, before the participants were divided into smaller groups to partake in presentations specifically for students of urban- and regional planning, environmental physics , estate mediation and leadership, respectively.

Thereafter one was able to mingle with employees of Jernbaneverket, discuss career opportunities and summer jobs, and maybe even get a “foot in the door” with the company. Throughout the day there was also a photo box installed in Aud.Max, where one could take pictures for a contest. Finally, it was time to find out who is NMBU's best player of the board game ”Ticket to Ride”. Pizza, soda and coffee were served during the tournament. The winners on each table got to bring a board game home. Hanne Asvik Øygarden won the whole tournament, and was awarded a powerbank. Congratulations, and thank you for a nice and educational day! 

Photo: Ingvill Eikelund