With the only reference of an old childhood board game, the student teams showed up with a big question mark on their faces, but ready for anything to come! The participants were given a treasure map with 10 different marks to follow the tracks towards the search of the missing diamond- Africas Star.

On an african safari style, very in tune with the outdoors temperature of 1°C, every member of the teams faced all kinds of different challenges: From decoding complex words based on pictographic pieces, to the shooting of wild savannah animals! They all performed their best precision skills on an obstacle trap so they didn’t fall into burning lava, and they also built a floating device under the instructions of a blind guide, among other very dangerous and complicated stunts!

In the end… the biggest challenge for all teams was to follow a3-step dancing choreography to the rhythm of “I will survive”. Although they all gave 200% to win the promised billionaire prize (one board game and 1-month free GYM subscription), the final victors were the fabulous team “Svidde rosiner” with a total of 798 points.

Congratulations to all teams! but you all need to improve your dancing skills…


Text: Margie Maria Mijares Gonzalez

Photo: Runa Tunheim and Johanne Grøndahl Klausen

Here are the results from the UKErebus:

1 Svidde rosiner-798 p
2 Siyo Nqoba - 790 p
3 Tora and the cats + Morten - 787 p
4 Føler oss fresh - 772 p
5 E.culi - 742 p
6 Grab them by the Rebusi - 722 p
7 Stay Trygda - 681 p
8 Fana Idrettslag - 662 p
9 Dale Gudbrand - 592 p
10 Gudleik Knotten IL - 584 p

Congratulations to Svidde Rosiner!