Friday the 14th of October, the Norwegian championship in Student revue took place in Aud.Max. The grand hall was filled with people from different universities, dressed up in their finest clothing to represent and cheer on the performers from their university. It was a great sight, matched by a great show that really lived up to its expectations. The show presented the best acts from UKEN in Bergen, UKA on Blindern (Oslo), UKA in Trondheim and UKA in Ås, not to mention several performances from the different student society revues here in Ås.

That meant getting a new lecture in Konsp911 by PB and a new attempt by Hannkattene at explaining the refugee situation in Norway with a genital map of the Northern countries. In addition to these highlights from Ås, we got to witness the best performances from UKErevues from all around the country. A parody of the Norwegian artists “Staysmann og Lazz” and an imitation of a Japanese game show, were two performances that stood out to me as particularly funny.

This last performance ended up winning the most prestigious award, “the revue act of the year”. My personal favorite was a performance from the last UKErevue here in Ås, where the largest grocery store owners in Norway were compared to “Bruspulverguttene” from the Norwegian Christmas calendar “Vazelina Hjulkalender”. This performance was premiered with best musical number. The award of best monologue was a parody of Maria Montazami, and best sketch was won by NGA’s Debatten ("the debate"). It was a great event with good entertainment, and we wish this year’s winner good luck in the next rounds of the Norwegian Championship in student revue.

Photo: Christine Blix og Maria B. Langhelle