Experienced Cowboys

When the clock started creeping towards 22.30, Aud.Max gradually started to fill up, and CC Cowboys entered the stage. Judging by the age of many in the crowd, a lot of non-students were present, showing that UKA in Ås benefits the whole of Follo. If there’s one word that describes CC Cowboys, it is experience. The concert, which lasted for about 90 minutes, was performed in a calm and confident manner. The first two songs were “Magisk” (magical) and a cover of the song “Nå kommer jeg og tar deg” (I’m coming to get you) by the Norwegian troubadour Ole Paus. That last one was probably one of the best performances of the concert.  A little fun fact is that CC Cowboys have contributed with a song for a newly released Norwegian movie called “Børning 2”, which is Norway’s answer to “Cars”. Towards the end of the concert, they finally played the songs most people had been waiting for; “Tigergutt”, “Vill, vakker og våt” and more. And with these singalong songs, the ring was closed. Overall, it was a confident and solid performance from the faithful servants of Norwegian rock!


UKA i Ås goes urban

If CC Cowboys took us out on the country road with their music, Arif led us into the asphalt jungle's dark streets and alleys. This time, the style of the crowd was a bit more like something you’ll see around bars at Grünerløkka in Oslo. Arif has made a genre that can be described as a mix of standard hip hop beats and partly psychedelic sound barriers. His lyrics are both in Norwegian, English and in “gangster slang”, which makes the whole thing quite a unique experience that will not likely be matched by any artist in Festsalen anytime soon. Arif, formerly Phil T Rich, is an honest and hard-working rapper, who won the finale of “URØRT” in 2013 and has since climbed the ladder to get where he is today. The people who showed up in Festsalen this evening got to hear parts of his album “Highend/Asfalt”, which landed him the "Spellemann” award in 2015. After some time, he was joined on stage by his rap colleague Felipe Emilio, and together they made a striking duo. It’s cool that artists like Arif can attract a crowd of people that doesn’t normally go out to concerts at Samfunnet!

Photo: Christine Blix, Henrik Aulie Søvik and Jorunn Bakke Johannessen