Turboneger rocked Ås

Everything was set up for success before the legendary Turboneger entered the stage Saturday night. Although Aud.Max. was not completely packed, the mood was impeccable. The most dedicated fans, known as Turbojugend, came from near and far dressed in denim and Turboneger hats, ready to rock.

During the course of the evening, the band served hits on a silver platter. Songs like “City of Satan”, “All My Friends Are Dead” and “Fuck the World” was met with a massive singalong, moshing, crowd surfing and beer throwing. The concert finished with a bang, when the band encouraged the audience to do a “Wall of Death”, where the audience splits on the middle and then run towards each other with full force. At times there was nothing short of chaos in Aud.Max this evening, but the rock veterans still managed to keep the mood up throughout the show.

Tropical rave in Festsalen
The line leading into Festsalen grew quickly when the Norwegian DJ Sonny Alven was about to go on stage. With a colorful lightshow, thumping bass and songs that makes you want to dance, there was no lack of energy when the Norwegian entered the stage. The DJ, who is very relevant these days, got people moving their hands and feet with hit songs like “Our Youth” and “Make Me Feel”. After a hectic Turboneger concert, Sonny Alven made sure we got a smooth ending to a great evening.

Photo: Amanda Løvstad, Erik Røstad and Jorunn Bakke Johannessen