Brave people from the student societies met up with their best vessels to the Ås tradition “Ta sjansen” (take a chance). After the vessels were hoisted down in a wooden slide and into the pond, the team had to swim to the finish line as fast as they could. There were many creative vessels, for instance a sleigh made of Styrofoam, a kids shopping cart and plastic boxes. The show was led by STUNT, who played catchy music and entertainingly introduced each team.

PB impressed with confetti, and Hannkattene entertained the audience with a vessel that didn’t even make it to the water before it dissolved. Lærken graciously dived into their Il Tempo Gigante, while NGA travelled to the pond in a suitcase. Over Rævne had the best style, standing upright in their boat, accompanied by beautiful Rævne-singing.


Best time: PB

Best boat: Collegium Alfa
Biggest failure: Hannkattforeningen

Photo: Espen Mikkelborg and Kari Helena Kvandal