20 eager students, Norwegian and international alike, went on Thursday afternoon to the beginner’s swing course. The course was an initiative of the Swing Club Snurrebass, and took place in Festsalen at Samfunnet. At the student’s disposal were the swing enthusiasts Ørjan, Steinar, and Grethe, to teach beginners some tips and tricks about swing dancing.

The participants were to learn four different dance steps that were demonstrated by Ørjan and Grethe, which came together as a dance. Between the songs students were instructed to switch partners! This way, the participants could learn to adjust to others.

The swing club enriched the class with different informative topics, like how to dance swing in cramped spaces, and how to dance swing with a beer in hand.

The swing club holds a course every Thursday from 18:00 to 19:00 in Festsalen, and afterwards until 20:00 they host open dancing. They always have water and cookies to offer, and everyone is welcome. Do you already like to dance swing? Come to the Swing Club’s class for more advanced dancers on October 23 at 12:00, and be challenged by Ås’ best swing dancers!

Tekst: Emilie Sandell
Translation: Lish Earnest
Photos: Runa Tunheim