Finally it was time for another night concert at Halvors Hybel. On the scene this Wednesday during UKA in Ås was Cheap Karma from Kristiansand. If you thought people from ”the happy Sørland” were just laid back and easygoing, this was definitely not the case for Cheap Karma. The band offered heavy rock with elements of funk, and the resemblance to ”Rage Against the Machine” was strengthened even further when the vocalist started rapping. The group of five have recently released an EP and oozed of self-confidence and attitude on stage. The crowd followed along and got the chance to show off their headbanging skills. Cheap Karma rounded up a great concert night, and when those in attendance eventually wake up the next day, they can definitely benefit from a bit of cheap karma.

Tekst Jon Eskild Mostue Sæther

Translation: Lish Earnest

Foto: Espen Mikkelborg, Henrik Aulie Søvik and Johanne Grøndahl Klausen