On Tuesday morning it was time for the information breakfast with Tine. Aud.Max was filled with people who were served breakfast consisting of different Tine products. There was also a quiz that went on thtoughout the breakfast, with four winners chosen at the end.

First, the subject and system manager of Tine, Harald Volden, presented a lecture. It was all about sustainability and innovation for the future. It was also pointed out that Tine hopes to attract some NMBU students.

Next in line was the former handball player and trainer for the national team, Marit Breivik, who held an inspirational lecture. She spoke about how the handball girls reached world titles, and how they keep themselves focused.

To wrap up, an interview was held with Marit Bjørgen herself. We got to hear the skiing star’s thoughts about training, nutrition, and where she gets her motivation. Those in attendence were energized and it was an interesting breakfast. Thanks for the meal!

Photo: Runa Tunheim