Photo: Randi Mæhlum

Photo: Randi Mæhlum

Alan Walker Opened the Night

The first artist on the scene at UKA in Ås has songs what have been streamed over a staggering 500,000,000 times, and that was the perfect way to kickstart the festival. Aud.Max wasn’t completely full, but that was only because the artist was booked at the last minute due to some mishaps in the original program. With Avicii, David Guetta and Kygo taking over the world, it seems like Alan Walker has the right idea with his variation of electronic house music.

In addition to self-made beats and breaks, Alan Walker played a remix of Coldplays «Humn for the weekend» and Broilers «Wild eyers.» Last one might have been a greeting to the next artist of the night, Freddy Kalas? For the concert the stage curtain in Aud. Max. Was exchanged by a enourmous screen which gave the audience a visual graphic throughout the concert, and stobe lights and confetti all contributed to making a great show. The audience were pleased from start to end!

Kalas in Festsalen

Who would have thought that a big part of Norwegian electro-dance music would belong to Buskerud and Drammen? Fredrik Auke, a.k.a. Freddy Kalas, has gone from making russehits to playing his own concerts in a short period of time. He had the honor of playing in festsalen during this opening weekend of UKA in Ås. Freddy Kalas is the older brother of Simen Auke in Broiler and has contributed to several of their songs, and there is of course some similarities between the DJs'  songs. The audience got a taste of Broiler in three ways: “Vannski,” “Afterski” and “Bonski,” a sort of “ski-trilogy.”

The concert opened with the huge hit “Pinne for Landet,” a song that has been streamed over 30 million times on spotify. During the show he also played the rest of his hits: “Jovial,” the Christmas song “Hey Ho,” MGP hit “Feel da Rush” and more. Originally, Freddy Kalas was supposed to perform in Aud.Max, but last minute program changes required him to move to Festsalen. There were probably very few, including himself, that were excited about cramming into a crowded and clammy festsal. How much of the music was actually live is uncertain, but with his jovial presentation, tons of confetti and scenery, Freddy brought a real revelry (which is what “Kalas” means in Norwegian, after all) to UKA in Ås.

Tekst: Jon Eskild M. Sæthe

Translation: Lish Earnest

Photo: Christine Blix, Kari Kvandal og Randi Mæhlum