Photo: Bendik Hassel

Photo: Bendik Hassel

On Saturday it was time for the UKErace. At this race, representatives from NMBU’s many clubs and societies are tested on speed, balance, precision and worthiness.

After two heats it was time for the finale, and at the starting line was the Hankatts, Nordisk Landskamp, and UKEboard. Tensions were high. Perhaps Nordisk felt the most stressed? After all, isn’t it incredibly good fitness in combination with drunkenness and hangovers that they should be best at? The race begun and Nordisk took the lead after the UKEboard more or less successfully tackled the Hankatts. Out of the swimming pool Nordisk was missing a scuba mask and was forced to do another lap. In the background a duel over a bike surfaced, and all of a sudden the Hankatts emerged in the lead! They held on to that lead until the next post, where the task was to throw a tennis ball at a target while handcuffed. It was a difficult post, so soon all three competitors were at this station. Finally the UKEboard hit the target and they were off to the finish line, with the Hankatts right behind them. In last place was Nordisk. But wait, the UKEboard forgot their swimming goggles, and the Hankatts just forgot what the rules were in general. Therefore, the victory finally went to a pleasantly surprised Nordisk club!

Who deserved the win can be debated, but for the audience it was definitely an exciting show from start to finish.

Ingeborg Høiaas

Translation: Lish Earnest

Photo: Bendik Hassel and Ingvill Eikelund