We feel it is time to give you all a little taste of what you can expect in 2016. A lot of you are starting to finish with your exams, it is getting close to the Christmas holidays and we are giving you another reason to celebrate: OMVR is coming to miniUKA 2016! Last week Spotify presented a playlist on promising artists of 2016, a list that has previously included Kygo, and OMVR was one of them.


OMVR has an international character in both his voice and his music. His music is well produced, it is catchy, lyrics and melody will be stuck in your brain after the first listen – and you cannot help but love it! OMVR makes music in a great combination of fetching melodies and a soulful voice against a club music background. He is backed by Universal and is predicted a great year in 2016.

We are proud to present OMVR to miniUKA, be there or be square!
Do yourself a favor: turn the music up, check out his songs and prepare yourself to let learning go for a night by singing with us through the concert with OMVR this spring!

The date for miniUKA will be released in January, so remember to keep tabs on UKA!