UKA chief: So long, UKA!

Dear visitors, artists, collaborators, and last but not least volunteers for UKA in Ås 2016,

Thank you all so very much for a magical month here on the "countryside". What has been accomplished in Ås these past few weeks is no small feat. World famous stars, as well as local names, came through Samfunnet and delivered a cultural experience of the upmost quality. We dared to take a chance, and the audiences showed despite the train strike that hit exactly during the entire UKA period.

It is with a bit of a heavy heart that we now write "November," but we are already beginning to look forward to UKA in Ås 2018 that a whole new organization will set up. I hope that everyone who has been a part of UKA in Ås 2016 has taken away from it many good memories and acquaintances, and of course, I hope it was your highlight that never ends. It will always be that for me, anyway.

UKEgreetings from Markus Kværner

Veronica Maggio and Oslo Ess - The Great Final

Veronica Maggio and Oslo Ess - The Great Final

On Saturday we celebrated the great final of UKA. Both Veronica Maggio and Oslo ESS performed on full venues, and it felt like the whole city of Ås and beyond were at Samfunnet where the longest highlight came to and end.

The night opened in Aud.Max where Veronica Maggio and her funky band played. Her performance varied between powerful and dancy, to more relaxing with soft love songs. The Swedish girl really knows how to move Norwegian crowds.

After Maggio’s concert, Oslo Ess started to play in Festsalen. It was almost impossible to move around, but that didn't stop anyone from dancing to the rhythm of their punk rock. During this performance the crowd went from dancing with discrete movements and singing along, to crazy head bangs and dancing on their friend's shoulders.

We all know that we are not supposed to go to concerts only for the most famous hits, but both Veronica Maggio’s “Jag kommer” and Oslo Ess' “Amerika” made the crowd go crazy. Everyone overtook the lead singer’s voice and it was like the band played only for the audience to perform the songs.

As UKA promised us, we stayed on our longest highlight the whole time. Now it’s time to rest for some days and then catch up with… oh yeah. Studies!  Good luck with that to all of us.

Margie Maria Mijares Gonzalez

Photo: Christine Blix, Erik Røstad, Jorunn Bakke Johannessen and Kari Helena Kvandal

Postgirobygget and Bergan delivered

Postgirobygget and Bergan delivered

Samfunnet was crammed when Postgirobygget and Julie Bergan visited Ås this Friday, UKA’s second last day. Postgirobygget was first, and delivered a great atmosphere and singalong from the crowd, as expected. Good old hits like Idyll, Luftmadrass, Solskinnsdag and Bohemen leve got Aud. Max to reply with thrilled dancing and loud applause. There were two extra numbers, and it seemed like the former Trondheim students had a lot of fun being back at Ås.

Julie Bergan offered quite a different genre of music, but the good mood from Aud. Max earlier that night was passed on to Festsalen. Bergan bounced around on stage and got the audience to join the dancing. The show was entertaining, and the singer herself had a good connection with the crowd through the concert. The audience was handed a selection of old and new songs that was rounded off by the hit «Arigato», which made the atmosphere go through the roof.

Translation: Kjersti Prestrud 

Photo: Christine Blix, Johanne Grøndahl Klausen, Maria Langhelle and Oda Jørgensen

3000 meter beer

3000 meter beer

176 eager runners showed up on Friday to participate in Ås’ modt important sports event: the infamous 3000 meter beer at Storebrand. This is known to be a race that requires good physique, large stomach volume and good tactics with respect to alcohol consumption. People from the different student organizations and others came in their most beautiful sport’s outfits and the atmosphere was impeccable, though some showed a hint of nervousness.

The race was completed in good spirit, in spite of many of the participants having a hard time. One of those was Lærken HvorvardudajegstjAlvin, who sadly established to the UKEpaper: “I have realized that my body isn’t made for this.” He was later observed lying in the grass in fetal position, and the outcome is uncertain.

One who apparently has made for combining running and alcohol consumption is Kristin Sandeggen. This sporty “hunkatt” already had a victory from the women’s class, and decided to win once more, this time in the men’s class. The UKEpaper is impressed and congratulates.

As usual unhealthy amounts of beer were consumed, kilometers were covered in all different speeds and “spitting” was done by the book. And with that, another successful 3000 m beer can be written in the history books.

Photo: Ingvill Eikelund, Kiristi Henriksen and Oda Jørgensen

Norwegian Championship in law

Norwegian Championship in law was decided after 77 forceful throws from the tower building at Ås. Among the men it was pointing to a shared victory with a lenght of 25 m. To decide the victor there was for the first time in history organized a duel, where the two were throwing side by side.

The duel, however, lead to a new record of 27 m, and Even Stokke earned himself a first place followed by Martin Reigstad. Among the women there was also a good participation, won by Ina Kristine Rykkelid with the strong 16.5 m, which passed the best in the faculty class, Håvard Steinsholt, with half a meter.

Results of the NC 2016:
Men: Even Stokke, 27 m
Martin Reigstad, 25 m
Hans-Kristian Hartvig, 20,5 m

Ina Kristine Rykkelid, 16,5 m
Tina Torsnes. 14,5 m
June Kvandal, 12 m

Magic and Quiz finale!

Magic and Quiz finale!

Magic in Aud.Max.

It’s Thursday and Daniel Larson has brought his magic tricks to Aud.Max. While we wait to enter we’re unsure what to expect from the show, will he be able to trick us? Will we get to see something we haven’t seen before? We’re excited as we sit down. Daniel steps forward wearing a sparkly suit jacket worthy of a magician, and starts the show with card tricks. He gets a good connection with the audience, while I can’t say that the card trick is very convincing. Which might in fact have been the point, because in the next trick he lends a 100-note from someone in the audience, which spectacularly shows up in the core of a seemingly untouched apple. At this, he had our attention, and the rest of the show was of good calibre with light humour and cool tricks which we still do not have completely figured out. All in all it was a fun affair, perfect for children – and even better: It makes you feel like a child again!

Photos: Ingvill Eikelund

Quiz finale!

During UKA several quizzes have been held, and tonight was set for the third and last UKEquiz. Aud.Max. was filled completely and expectations were high. Who would leave with the great overall victory? The quiz master yet again had put together a great combination of trivial and less trivial questions – for instance, what does http stand for? What is the most popular thing to put on pizza in Australia? (Answer: Eggs). Where does the word Mafia come from? After the points were counted the three teams with most right answers were allowed on stage. In third was “Big Hero 5”, and sharing the first place were “Serious quizzness” and “Grab’en by the quizzy”. In the end, a final winner had to be decided on, and after a duel where today’s Norwegian Championship in “law throwing” was the theme, “Serious Quizzness” won. We don’t have to feel sorry for “Grab’em by the quizzy” tough, because they were the ones who did best overall, and brought the honourable trophy home: The UKAquiz wooden board! This means that “Grab’em by the quizzy” is soon to be engraved in the line of previous UKAquiz-winners. Congratulations! 

Text: Ingeborg Høiaas
Translation: Ingvild Haugen

Photos: Randi Mæhlum

UKEauction and Open Mic Night

UKEauction and Open Mic Night

Journalist: Aleksander Heen
Translation: Ingvild Haugen


Wednesday October 26th, UKEauction and open mic night were on the program. The UKEauction has become a standard event during UKA, where creative sales objects and services are auctioned off in support of the UKEhelp and WWF. Festsalen was filled to the edge this evening, with eager auction participants and visitors who came to take part in the event, as the UKEauction can be relatively entertaining. On top of his game, an auctioneer kept control of value assessment and incoming offers, and the student unions happily offered pranks of their own. In the end, there was a stunt from this year’s UKEleader who’d signed up for hair removal using Gaffa-tape, and a mix of laughter, sympathy and malicious joy spread in the room…

Photos: Runa Tunheim


Open mic night

Oslo’s by:Larm is a well-known concept for people who love music. During the UKA open mic night the university’s musical sphere take the stage in Halvors hybel, and the concept gives an arena for local musicians to charm the audience. This year’s line-up included five bands, of which the first on stage was Sigrid Elise Fossan with band. Sigrid gave us a line-up of self-produced songs in the genre of pop-country, and finished her set with a respectable cover of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep. The vocals are good, and the band sounds solid. Fun keys and steady bass lines characterize the soundscape. 

Young Cisto gave us a fire work of a Hip Hop-presentation. The group consists of two young rappers with a modern, international sound, where the songs are performed to backing tracks. Such a concept could easily fall through, but the guys deliver with good vocals and a nice flow. Line after line is smoothly performed, and Halvors hybel is for a moment underground. It sounds cool. 

Like a Great Big Sexy Genius, or LABSG, delivered real rock with solid guitars and rhythmic bedrock. The soundscape is characterized by classic rock and modern alternative. The band gives of itself, and the audience follows. A cover song by Wolfmothers Joker and the Thief turns into an improvised jam, and is convincingly performed. 

Tylle and the Octopuses is a new band concept in alternative-land. The band comes on stage wearing masks, and vocals are performed as a story, set to a dark background video. The octopuses have found themselves a very interesting sound with heart breaking violin and violin bow on guitar. It’s easy to see parallels to Sigur Ros, but this is not music you’d hear on Discovery Channel – this is V for Vendetta. 

To finish off the night is a known Ås-band; Fri Fjær. The group plays Ska-punk, including wind instruments and rocked guitaring. There is no shortage of enthusiasm from the band, with up to three vocalists singing. The fans want more, and it goes on and on until closing time. 

Photos: Henrik Aulie Søvik

Meditation break

Meditation break

During democracy hour on October 26th, UKA offered a meditation course lead by Lena J. Kallander, who has worked with healing and meditation since 2002. We were introduced to three relaxing breathing exercises, got advice on how to make everyday life less stressful and how to better listen to your own needs. Our eyes grew increasingly blissful during the course, and we became conscious of the energy around us in the room. We were really able to lower our shoulders and take a break from the school day.

Photo: Maria Braaten Langhelle

Photo: Maria Braaten Langhelle

After the course, I had a chat with two of the participants, Karen Melhus Sjølli and Kaja T. Wivestad: 

“Have you tried meditation before?” 
“Yes, a little bit. Meditation can be so many different things. One may look at it as something very spiritual, but it can also be a very down-to-earth way of calming down. The issue is to find time for it in every-day life, but we don’t think it should be forced. It’s nice to use meditation to “tune in” and get some rooting, to become more conscious of the now. Wow, this sounds very spiritual now”, they laugh. 

“How are you feeling after the course?”
“Very relaxed. It was very comfortable to have a guided meditation, and nice to meditate together with others. It feels great all through the body!” 

The participants return to lectures and everyday errands – but breathing more calmly, and having gained a few new meditation tools. 

Text: Karoline Bjørnaali
Translation: Ingvild Haugen

Photos: Maria Braaten Langhelle



On Monday evening, everything was set for the Oktoberfest in Aud.Max. Costumes were on, beer kegs were emptied and the atmosphere was great. Even though most people wore a traditional Oktoberfest costume, some revelers mixed it up with Oktoberfest-second-skin-suits ("Kondomdrakter" in Norwegian) and beer costumes.

After some time, the cover band Falsen entered the stage. They played a repertoire of varied songs to an energetic crowd. A good selection of songs kept the singalong going throughout the concert, and a little toasting in-between kept the mood up. The sound level reached epic proportions when the band played a public favorite, the song “Idyll” by the Norwegian band Postgirobygget.

When the band went off stage, it was time for more music, more dancing and more beer. The night got a little too wild for some, as an accident occurred in the staircase, after which sawdust was sprinkled over to prevent it from happening again. All in all, it was a fun evening and surely a night to remember.

Photo: Oda Jørgensen and Solveig Myklebust

Fierce spy hunt in Ås

Fierce spy hunt in Ås

It turned out a thrilling evening when Perfect Escape made the trip to Ås Sunday night. The participants, in groups of four to six people, were welcomed by two mysterious gentlemen in suits and sunglasses named Agent Perfect and Agent Less Perfect. They said that the participants were about to partake in a fierce spy hunt in order to qualify as secret agents of Perfect Intelligence.

Having been introduced to the history of the game, each of the teams chose a leader, who got to go to the back room with the agents and receive one top secret suitcase and a document file each. The teams were thereafter required to solve several fun and varied tasks in order to access the contents of the suitcase, and getting one step closer in the spy hunt. The goal of the game was to finish the mission within an hour, but only the fastest team was to be offered a job in Perfect Intelligence (and gift cards to Perfect Escape in Ski).

The teams excitedly got to it, and the sound of deep thinking was accompanied by music from known and loved spy movies such as James Bond and Mission Impossible.

The suspense increased with each tick of the clock, and the same could be said about the sound level. All of the teams went all in, but with almost 20 minutes to spare before the hour was up, the first team finished and won. Congratulations! 

Photo: Christine Blix



On Sunday, it was finally time for the traditional congregation during UKA in Ås. Aud.Max was converted into a “Campus Cathedral”, and served as a church for all of Ås this Sunday. Student priest Øystein Spilling led the service for the third time, and by his side were the dean of Søndre Follo deanery, Hege E. Fagermoen, and pastor for Ås and Kroer, Georg Børresen. In addition, peace researcher, philosopher and Nobel Committee member Henrik Syse took part in the service.

The themes of this year’s UKEcongregation were science, love and faith; current themes, in other words. Øystein Spilling and Henrik Syse held an interesting, reflected and thought-provoking dialogue-sermon where they discussed the main theme of the day. The sermon clearly caught the attention of the assembly, and the dialogue worked perfectly. The UKEcongregation also held an impressive musical performance by the student choir NGA – Noe Ganske Annet. They performed several songs, but it was especially beautiful when they sang Hans Hyldbakks poem “Vårsøg”, to a melody by Henning Sommero. The service was finally rounded off by “smooth” music from the band Proprius and a simple church coffee. 

Photo: Mari Foros Bjerklund

DumDum Boys and Skinny Days

DumDum Boys and Skinny Days

Saturday night, the scene was set for rock in Aud.Max. DumDum Boys got the concert started with the favourite song “Enhjørning”, which brought the singalong factor on right away. Further into the concert, songs such as “Englefjes”, “Slave” and “Kald dag i helvete” made for a happy audience. The band showed clearly why they are considered one of the four great within Norwegian rock, sporting an incredible stage show and unmatchable level of energy. After playing “Splitter pine” and calling it a night, the concert appeared to be over. However, after deafening calls for more, the band returned on stage and performed three bonus songs.

Festsalen and Skinny Days were up next. Festsalen was rather empty to start with, but when the music duo started playing it didn’t take long before space got tight. Songs such as “In a Good Way”, “Alright Right Now” and “We Got Something” were met with great engagement and dance from the audience. All in all this was a spectacular end to the night.  

Photo: Bendik Hassel, Christine Blix and Randi Oline Mæhlum

Unique breakfast experience and

Unique breakfast experience and

Unique breakfast experience

On saturday UKA in Ås joined a friendship-breakfast in Ås arbeidskirke to invite refugees and locals to upcoming UKE events, such as the international food festival next Sunday.

The friendship breakfast was arranged by Vestby and Ås Red Cross Youth in cooperation with TINE, who in occasion of the TV-campaign “Sammen får vi hjelpen frem”, sponsors breakfasts in reception centres all over the country. The goal is to make a meeting ground for asylum seekers and the local community.

UKA came to a long table of traditional Norwegian breakfast set all through the church. Cultural exchange was high up on the agenda. In addition to the Norwegian breakfast food, we were also served a feast by a proud Syrian cook from Bjørnebekk asylum reception centre. Every dish of food was presented for the whole room both in Arabic and in English. Further conversation with the cook revealed that she’d worked in the kitchen for three days to prepare the food!

The Norwegians who joined the breakfast were not afraid to try new food. A lot of the Norwegian food was left untouched, while the Syrian dishes emptied quickly!

This was a pleasant event where a lot of new acquaintances were made and love for food was shared. UKA reunited with a lot of known faces from the language café at Bjørnebekk asylum reception centre and did not shy away from learning more Arabic. We can now proudly add “Fle fle”, which means bell pepper, to our vocabulary.  We also gave away quite a few UKE sweaters at the event, which have been donated to Red Cross Youth and their work with refugees at a former occasion.

There was a lot of food to spare, but none was wasted. No one went home empty handed – but rather with bellies full and new acquaintances up their sleeves.

Text: Pernille Fåne

Translation: Ingvild Haugen

SmakÅs - Sustainable Food for the Future

By Aleksander Heen (translation: Ingvild Haugen)

“How can technology make food production sustainable?” That is the question brought up by the food- and technology festival SmakÅs, which might just be Norway’s only event of its kind. SmakÅs is an interdisciplinary cooperation between Ås municipality and the research groups on campus, and is arranged during UKA in Ås.

Visitors of SmakÅs filled the centre of Ås this Saturday: According to a co-arranger at least a couple of thousand people must have stopped by. The atmosphere was good at the food market downtown, where about 60 participants set up their booths and activities. Everything from local, organic food to grasshoppers and a three-course insect menu was on offer.

At Makers Market, in cooperation with Eik Idéverksted, one could find drones and 3D-printers, as well as promising technological projects such as automatization of food production by the agricultural robot Thorvald, geotagging of marine waste by the Trash Tag, and cycle-based growing of plants by Aquaponics – a concept based on natural, circular distribution of nutrients. 

From farm to table is an underlying theme of SmakÅs, and the programme spotlights how food is grown before finally reaching our table. Concepts such as sourcing food directly from farmers decreases the distance between producer and consumer. We got to see new technologies. A cook-off and various presentations were held, and children got to say hello to chicken, or learn how to shear a sheep. The festival appeals to people of all ages, which might just be the greatest strength of SmakÅs.

This event seems to have gained a solid footing in a short amount of time. Thereby all that’s left to do is wish the best of luck to exhibitors and organizers of next year’s SmakÅs. 

Photo: Runa Tunheim

Ni Liv and Vazelina Bilopphøggers

Ni Liv and Vazelina Bilopphøggers

After trying out the rodeo bull outside Aud.Max, both young and old were ready for Ni Liv. After the doors opened at 9:40 PM, it didn’t take long before the concert was on and the audience going. As the concert started quite early, there was plenty of space for dancing initially, but by the time “Må bare må” was played, the space on the dance floor got tight. Nice variation between high-beat and calm songs made this an amazing concert.


By the time Vazelina Bilopphøggers took the stage, Aud.Max. was completely packed. During the first song, there was a problem with the main vocalist’s microphone, but this was quickly sorted and did not hinder the party. There was a lot of singalong, especially on songs such as “Surfbrett”, “Fem fyrer med ved” and “Traktor med henger”. The light show was something else this night due to the enormous disco ball in the middle of the ceiling. When Vazelina said thank you and goodbye, they got a huge applause and screams for more, to which they complied and gave the great last song “Harry Hoover”. All in all these were two very entertaining concerts with lots of dance and incredible atmosphere. 

Photo: Heidi Engeland, Henrik Aulie Søvik and Nina Vold Johansen

Problematize or potentialize? Visitor management in Norwegian nature

Problematize or potentialize? Visitor management in Norwegian nature

On Friday NMBU arranged a seminar on tourism. Both students of other institutions and former NMBU students were invited to Festsalen, along with representatives from management and business organisations, hence also making an occasion for NMBU students and “people out there” to meet. It was clear that the people present were interested in where nature-based tourism is headed.

The seminar was divided into four parts; News from the front, management, research and finally reflection and discussion. New research about Norwegians' and foreigners' attitudes and expectations to facilitation in Norwegian nature was presented. The problematization of the explosive increase in tourism to Norwegian destinations such as Lofoten, Trolltunga, Preikestolen and Skjerag was also addressed. To put this into perspective; in 2010 there were 10 000 visitors to Trolltunga. In 2016 there were 100 000 visitors; Wow! There was also an interesting discussion on where the cash registers should be placed. Having 100 000 visitors opens new doors for business, and means potential for a whole new way of running Norwegian nature-based tourism. All in all, this was a very interesting seminar which made me curious about the future development of travel in our highly cherished Norwegian nature.

Tekst: Ingeborg Høiaas


Translation: Ingvild Haugen

Photo: Heidi Engeland

Ås' best farmer

Ås' best farmer

The best Ås-farmer was going to be crowned. At Storebrand 2.00 PM, the UKEteam was ready to hold the competition, and the elite ofÅs’ farmers slowly began to show up.

Each competitor farmer had to test their raw skills. That involved tasks such as making a knife out of a piece of wood in only 10 minutes, and for instance a shooting practice. For the latter, I wondered if some of them were imagining wild wolves threatening their sheep while pointing their gun towards those empty beer cans. Among other challenges, they also tested their sharp mental performance on the agricultural quiz.

The levels of performance definitely varied among the participants, and because, in Norway, we are all considered winners …. no one is a loser! While there were scores of hammering a huge nail in only 6 punches, others managed the same task in 90 + attempts…

Great job to all the participants, Norge trenger bonden! 

Margie Maria Mijares Gonzalez

Photo: Amanda Løvstad and Øda Jørgensen

Activity day

Activity day

UKA took a sporty turn with the activity day being organised Thursday 20.10. The day that we were to find out who among the students here in Ås is the best in the most activities.  The event started at 14 o`clock. The weather was on the rainy side, but despite this six teams had gathered at Storebrand to crown a winner of the activity day 2016. The attending seemed to be in good spirits in spite the unstable weather, and both the mood and the competitive spirit were high when the matches started.

There were matches in three disciplines: football, ultimate Frisbee and dodgeball. In addition there were two extra tasks, which were wheelchair slalom and air riffle shooting on beer bottles. The competitions filled the whole of Storebrand and were all exciting to varying degrees.

In the end the three teams, Slangehulen, Vicious and Delicious and Nordisk Landskamp stood on the winner’s pole.  All the three teams got great prizes, but the grandest prize went not too surprisingly to Nordisk Landskamp: A team that showed a special mix of winner instinct and skills while going undefeated through the day. We send them a never so small tribute and hope that none of them had lubricated their lips with Trofodermin. 

Photo: Nina Vold Johansen

Solid work from up-and-coming Norwegian rapper

Solid work from up-and-coming Norwegian rapper

Even after two and a half weeks of UKA, the Ås students are still keeping it up during the nights. This night’s main person was Cezinando, winner of Urørt 2015, who at the age of 20 has already released three albums. The audience started filling up the room, and it had been a long time since Halvor’s Hybel was this crowded. They all got their money’s worth: Cezinando delivered one line after another in Norwegian (!), with supreme timing and communication skills. With his somewhat lanky body, he was all over the stage, showing us dancing considered quite non-traditional, but well received. The lyrics contain lots of references and express feelings about being 20 years old in 2016; exemplified best in the hit «€PA».

This concert was quality rather than quantity, which led the audience to demand an extra song and stay in front of the stage even after that, hoping to see more art on the stage. To quote a person in the crowd: «This is the kind of experience that’s gonna make you say: Where were you when Cezinando played in Halvor’s Hybel?»

Text: Jon Eskild Mostue Sæther

Translation: Kjersti Prestrud

Photo: Amanda Løvstad and Johanne Grøndahl Klausen

UKEbeat - piece by piece

UKEbeat - piece by piece

Five minutes before UKA in Ås’ own Beat for Beat show, it seemed to become something as rare as a sparse night at Samfunnet. Festsalen was almost completely empty, and looked more like a lecture on a really early Thursday morning. In a second, the room filled up, and all of a sudden there was a great mood and a full revenue. The House Band started a funky slap bass intro, with impressive skills, especially from the bassist and the drummer. Dancing onto the stage with sassy moves, came UKEbeat’s own Ivar Dyrhaug, the enthusiastic Simen Skistad. The atmosphere was set, and the audience, band, and host were excited. 

The participants were the choirs Lærken, NGA, Over Rævne and Ivar. The choirs were represented by three members each, who were all dressed up in their choirs’ characteristic outfits.

In the first part of the contest, «grab the microphooone», NGA got the first point, with a lovely performance of «Uptown funk». The next song was «I Need a Hero» and for the second time, NGA was the first to reach the microphone, with the Ivarinnes right behind. However, both teams were unsure of the lyrics, and Lærken joined the fun by stealing the mic and performing with the right lyrics. They also answered correctly to the theory question, and they were now in the lead. In the contest’s second part, «5 on a row», a medley was played by the House Band. Here, the score was quite close, but Lærken had the lead after an even and good effort. However, nothing was settled yet, and in the last part of the contest double points were given. The first song meant a change in genres with «Jail House Rock». Yet another time, Lærken was the fastest and they also impressed us by dancing swing while singing. After also guessing right after the first tone of the last song, there was no doubt: They were the night’s winners! In the right Beat for Beat spirit, the musical night was rounded off with a singalong from people in the audience.  

Text: Bendik Bjørkelo Østmoen

Translation: Kjersti Prestru

Photo: Amanda Løvstad, Johanne Grøndahl Klausen and Julia Frisk Brendehaug