Matilda (Matilda Gressberg) from Eidskog, Norway, has at the age of 22 established herself as a complete artist and a high profile Norwegian act. Her debut single “When Something Ends” went all the way to number one on the official Norwegian radio chart, and the album “A Heart” is without a doubt one of the strongest and most impressive Scandinavian debut in many years. Matilda released her second album «Serendipity» in 2015, a personal and heartfelt album that took us through a year in the life of Matilda.

With Matilda’s last single “Ghost” she turned a new page and challenged her sound and was song of the week at P3, Norway’s leading youth radio channel.

Matilda possesses a unique voice, crystal clear, but also consisting of a strong and hard-to-describe characteristic. Add in a very good ear for melodies, blended with a knack for solid pop – and singer/songwriter tunes, and last but not least a good dose of overseas and Scandinavian folk. What we end up with is a particularly potent mix bound for stardom.

See her soft concert in Halvors Sunday 23rd of October!