Norways big, new pop-favorite Julie Bergan gave us last year the super hit “All Hours”. Going straight to Spotifys Top 50 in 18 weeks, and is one of the ten most played songs on radio in Norway AND Danmark. This smash has been top-rated on NRK P3, NRK mP3 and NRK, and has up until last week been on the VG-list for 17 weeks, where the first 8 it was safely within top 20, with a peak on 6th place. 

Her last single “Arigato” – is her biggest hit so far. “Arigato” follows in the line of the hits “All Hours” and “I Kinda Like It”, that has altogether been streamed 20 million times, which has brought them both platina and gold in this country. It has been on top of the VG-list for weeks and with great trends she has charmed the whole North by showing up on TV-shows like “Senkveld” and “X-factor” and along with Tinie Tempah on “Idol”. Earlier this year she was also invited to go on tour with Jess Glynne, a tour that send her all around half of Europe to cheering crowds and sold-out concerts all over. She has also lately done a great job as a rapper in P3s much discussed re-mix of the famous Norwegian duo “Karpe Diem” in the song “Attitudeproblem”. And with “Arigato” Bergan combines more than ever her unique skill at bringing catchy hooks with her needle sharp attitude. A combination that is bounds to shape streaming lists and radio waves all summer, and way beyond.  

 Bergan herself says about the song:  
“Arigato is about a boy that insists at taking care of me, and doesn’t let me do what I want most. It can be nice with relationships when one is younger, but at the same time this is a time to explore, learn and see the world, and then an overprotective boyfriend can soon be a stop sign. I am independent and don’t need another to take my choices, or take care of me. I’m a big girl, baby! I’m super excited about this songs, because I feel like I’m showing a tougher and different side of myself. I love dancing to this and I hope people will join me.