Its called to general assembly ("General forsamling") - but not the formal, slow type we are used to.

General Forsamling is the sound of ”jær-blues” – the part of this country where surfers follows intens waves that smashes hard down on the sandbeaches and fields. Their blues is about the dark side of this region wich is so rich in both topsoil and money. Their texts is about empty beer bottles, fading faith, the country animal and not always making the best decisions. All in all it may sound like a big Sunday depression and hangover – the perfect cure for a beer in Halvors Hybel! 

General Forsamling have been a warm up for Tønes on concerts all over the country. He has made himself noted with his resigneted, gloomy voice, the simple, but melodic giutarplay and the crying harmonica. 9th of October he plays in Halvors Hybel on "softesøndag"!

The SoftSunday Concerts are free!