Headliner for UKA i Ås? Who can that be? Norway is the 62. largest country in the world, but then we are thinking of land area. In terms of people, we lie on no more than number 120. Ås is the 59th on the list of largest communes in Norway, and we are about 19 thousand people in total. Is this really the place a big, hot-shot star will chose to fly in? For a long time it seemed absurd, but all of a sudden it happened. And it happened big time. 

Guys, the worlds 27th most played band are coming to ÅsNone other than GALANTIS! 

“This is cant be real” the head of UKA said when our booking team got Galantis to UKA, and that is not without reason. The superduo Galantis has by 2016 shot in record speed to the ranking of one of the world most played band in the world. They are 27th in the world on Spotify, they have about 17,3 million listeners a month, and the superhit “No Money” has crazy 288 million of plays. Behind that hit lies “Runaway (You and I)” with about 266 million plays, not to mention the big-time hit “Peanut Butter Jelly” which lies on 121 million. We are talking about the hottest right now, even hotter than freshly poured asphalt at a wind still summer day in Ås sentrum! 

In October Galantis are travelling on a tour of Europe - Norway will have one and only one concert and it will be in Aud.Max. This will be a night for the history books, because UKA will host two of the worlds hottest producers. We are currently waking up in the morning hoping we did not just dream it up. But it is true, and now we can finally release the years headliner in black and white: Galantis are playing at UKA I Ås 2016! 

We’ll see you Monday 17th of October! And guys, check out the whole “Pharmacy” from 2015, its awesome, with hit after hit…! UKA i Ås are shaping up, and it will be wild. We are crazy excited for October!