On Saturday October 8, during no less than the opening weekend of UKA, we’re set for a party in AudMax. We’ll have the party king himself, Freddy Kalas, visiting us, and all is set for an unforgettable concert!

Freddy Kalas is known as “The King of Parties”, “The King of Drammen” and “Broiler’s Brother”, to mention some – a pet child has many names. He’s dominated the Norwegian hit lists throughout the last few years with songs like “Pinne for landet”, “Fest hos Kalas”, and super-hit Eurovision contribution “Feel Da Rush”. In addition, Kalas is the man behind this summer’s national plague “Jovial”. The scene is set for an amazing evening as Kalas brings 100% good times and good vibes to AudMax. It will be amazingly tacky, people will be singing along and there is predicted to be an extremely high party factor. This is the night to let your inhibitions go, have fun and blast through your limits!

Do you feel the rush? Or do you feel like an above average "jovial" person? No matter, this is one of the many moments you probably don’t want to miss during UKA!