What is UKA i Ås? 

UKA i Ås ("THE WEEK" in Ås) is the longest UKE ("WEEK") in Norway, and takes place in October every other year. It is a four week colorful, pulsing student- and cultural festival arranged by the students at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. About 1300 voluntary students contribute to the creation of UKA.

UKA i Ås is an old tradition with its roots in the 1890s, when the first student revy("cabaret") was set up at what was then called Higher Agricultural School of Aas. Revys are a Norwegian cultural phenomenon and a big part of Norwegian students' social life, especially in Ås. 

UKA 2016 will be the 48th to be arranged since the first in 1924. This means that we this year will be celebrating more than 90 great years of UKA I Ås. 

UKA offers events like the UKErevy, concerts, Oktoberfest, more than 20 themed bars set up by the different student clubs at NMBU, debates, lectures, international events, competitions, children's events, sports events etc. There are activities every single day during UKA! 

In 2012, UKA had a 10 million NOK turnover and around 20.000 visitors. UKA i Ås gives great experiences to all visitors; children, teenagers, students, adult and even older. 

Today, UKA has a green environmental profile and is environmentally certified. Each UKE also has a solidarity project for a charity organization.

The UKEboard

UKA i Ås is arranged every other year, which means that the students have about 18 months to plan each festival. It all begins with the election of a new board at the General Assembly of Studentsamfunnet i Ås in the spring previous to the UKEyear. The UKEboard consists of the UKEchief and seven board members responsible for their own part of the organization. These seven parts (known as blocks) are Revy, Marketing, Event, Economy, Administration, Serving and Sales. 

UKE board: Sølvi Maria Stordalen Blindheim (revue),Thomas Hamarsland (economy), Jenny Vereide (marketing), Astri Sommer Øyre (events), Markus Kværner (UKE chief), Beate Beheim (serving), Ole Anders Fjeldberg (sales), Birgith Terum (administration)

UKE board: Sølvi Maria Stordalen Blindheim (revue),Thomas Hamarsland (economy), Jenny Vereide (marketing), Astri Sommer Øyre (events), Markus Kværner (UKE chief), Beate Beheim (serving), Ole Anders Fjeldberg (sales), Birgith Terum (administration)

The chiefs of committee - KS

Each block consists of several subcommittees with specific areas of responsibility. During the summer and fall previous to the UKEyear, the board members spend their time finding the right people to be in charge of each committee. UKA i Ås 2016 will have about 45 committees. The chiefs of committee usually start their work in the beginning of the UKEyear, and they are the ones responsible for hiring  the UKEofficials. 


The volunteers

The backbone of UKA i Ås is the group of officials. This is where the true spirit of volunteering and involvement comes to life. When more than 1200 of the university's 5000 students pull up their sleeves and contribute to the making of UKA and to the unique experiences of its guests, it makes you understand the true meaning of "the spirit of Ås". The hiring of the UKEofficials will go on from now until the start of the festival. Officials are needed in every single part of the organization, and a look at the "Organization Map" on the webpage might give a clue about what kind of work is offered. Detailed information about your different possibilities for becoming an official will be given on the webpage. 

All work regarding UKA is completely voluntary at all levels, and in addition to regular studies. We have calculated that the total number of working hours is almost 60.000 hours, which is about 30 years of labor. That sure shows a great spirit for volunteering! 

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