How to get to UKA and back home:

By bus:
There will be extra buses from Ås to Oslo on Fridays and Saturdays during UKA, and also on Monday 17.10. (The Galantis Concert). The bus will depart from Samfunnet (Aud.Max. entrance), and stop in Ski, at Oslo Central Station and Campus Adamstuen.
Price: 100,- NOK per person, tickets can be bought at Samfunnet at the Aud.Max. entrance.
Saturdays and Fridays: 03.15
Monday 17.10. at 02.15. 

By train:
From Oslo to Ås the train leaves 18 past every hour - line L21 to Moss. 
From Ås to Oslo, the train leaves 10 to every hour, line L21 to Stabekk. The last train leaves at 23.50.


UKA i Ås will be cooperating with LinTicket, a simple online system for purchase of tickets. 

You can download the LinTicket App and buy tickets there, or visit When buying tickets via LinTicket, you get different payment options; either by SMS, by credit card, invoice, VIPPS or mCash. It is safe, and very simple! You will get your ticket sent by email after the purchase, and we recommend printing the ticket in paper form. It is also possible to scan the ticket on a smart phone. If you have an account on LinTicket, you simply log in when purchasing tickets, but you don't have to have an account to buy tickets. There is a simple guidance on how to buy tickets online and on a smart phone. Already bought tickets to UKA i Ås will not be refunded. 

Read more about LinTicket's conditions here:

You can easily pay online and have the e-ticket sent to you via email or text message. It will also be possible to buy tickets at various booths around the Ås campus, as well as at the entrance to Samfunnet on the night of the event (if tickets are still available). 


To enter Samfunnet, you must exchange your ticket (or e-ticket) for a wristband. This can be done during the day during defined time slots, or when you arrive at Samfunnet at the time of the event/concert. Wristbands can only be obtained at the entrance to Aud. Max. It is generally wiser to obtain your wristband during the afternoon slot (12:00 – 3:00 PM), since this will allow you to enter Samfunnet much faster when you arrive for the event/concert. Each event/concert will have a different wristband pertaining to it, so you must exchange your ticket or e-ticket for a new wristband before every event/concert.



A paper ticket purchased at a booth or printed out will not be personal. This means that the ticket can be used by someone else, even if your name is printed on the ticket. ALL tickets MUST be exchanged for wristbands before you can access the event or concert. An UKA Official ticket (“Funksjonær” ticket) can only be used by those working as UKA Officials. The barcode on the ticket will be scanned by UKA staff and it will then be exchanged for a wristband that must be securely fastened around your wrist. Note: wristbands not fastened around the wrist will not be considered valid for entry into the event/concert. When the wristband has been attached to your arm, it is considered personal and can not be shared with others.


All concerts at UKA in Ås are 18+ years old. You must always bring valid ID with you, which will be checked at the entrance. Please see our information about guardians for any guests under 18 years of age. 

At Samfunnet in Ås and during UKA, showing your ID at the door is compulsory. This means that everyone will be asked for ID. If you are absolutely certain that it is very easy to tell that you are over the age of 30, we can be slightly lenient at the door. However, bringing valid ID is always a good idea, especially since valid ID is required for entrance to the most attractive corridors/hallways of UKA, the so-called “liquor bowtie” (or “Spritsløyfa” in Norwegian). 

We are strict on ID because UKA in Ås is run by volunteers, which means we have inexperienced officials manning the doors. In order to make their jobs as easy as possible, we will not tolerate any discussion at the “spritsløyfe” entrance with individuals who fail to provide valid ID documenting their age.

It may feel unnecessary to show your ID if you've passed 30 or 40 years of age, but look on the bright side – how many of your colleagues can go to work the following Monday and say that they were asked to show ID over the weekend?


It is fully possible to bring children and adolescents under the age of 18 to an event/concert at UKA in Ås. An adult over the age of 30 can be the guardian for two minors.

We have specific forms for this, and these must be filled in upon arrival (can be requested in advance at We ask that you have the guards call for authorized personnel to meet you at the validation point at the door. This official will accompany you to our office where you will fill out the correct forms and receive guardian and minor tokens to be worn around your neck during the concert/event. It is very important that every individual in your party brings valid ID, since everyone will be checked at the doors. In addition, the guardian's ID will be photocopied and attached to the form. After the event, we ask that guardians and minors leave the establishment, and return the tokens to the personnel at the exit door. 

Contact information:


UKA i Ås is cooperating with Thon Hotel Ski. This means we can offer you hotel rooms at discounted prices: only 895,- NOK per night for a singles room, and 1095,- per night for a twin/double room.

This is only applicable as long as there are available rooms, and if you order via this link.  

UKA i Ås also has a cooperatrion with Saga Hotel Oslo og Saga Hotel Central in Oslo, at discounted prizes here as well. Booking by phone or email, and you have to specify that the stay is associated with UKA. 

Contactinfo to Saga Hotel Oslo and Central:

What is Cashless?

Cashless is an electronic payment method, which eliminates the need for cash and credit cards at our events. Transactions take less time, and you don’t have to deal with endless lines before being served at the bar.

Instead, you can easily transfer your desired amount to your Cashless card at one of the Cashless stations. These can be found in numerous locations around the festival area during UKA. The card is valid for the entire calendar year of 2014 and can be used everywhere at Samfunnet during UKA. It can also be used at other events at Samfunnet. Go to to see which events you can use Cashless at.

The Cashless stations will be clearly marked. Should you need any help, the UKA officials will be standing by to assist you. You can refill or check the remaining balance on your Cashless card at any time at these stations. If you have remaining funds on your card towards the end of the year, these can be transferred back to your bank account through the Cashless website.

Note that lost cards or cash will not be refunded. We therefore recommend that you write your signature on the back of the card, so that it can be readily identified if found. 

Cashless 101

  • Put a Cashless card in the card slot on the refill machine
  • Choose the desired amount of money to add to your Cashless card
  • Use your debit or credit card to make a standard payment through the credit card terminal
  • Enter your personal PIN code and press OK (“Klar” in Norwegian)
  • Wait until your Cashless card is refilled (this will take a few seconds)


There will not be any mini-bank or ATM terminals for cash withdrawal at Samfunnet during the UKA concerts/events this year, since the whole establishment uses Cashless cards. However, assistance will be offered if needed when using the Cashless terminals, and there will also be a cash register where Cashless cards can be purchased, and topped up with cash.

Both debit/credit cards and cash will be accepted.


Requests about accreditation must be sent to no later than the day before the event. The e-mail must include full name and date of birth of the person wishing to be accredited. The name will be on the list by the door where accreditation will be handed out with presentation of a valid ID.


Although the building is not very well-suited for wheelchairs, it is possible to access the events at Samfunnet by wheelchair. Aud. Max. and Festsalen can be accessed by elevator, which must be operated by authorized personnel.

Do not hesitate to contact in advance if you have any questions regarding the use of wheelchairs at Samfunnet during UKA. 


If you have forgotten or lost anything at Samfunnet after a night out, feel free to come by the Samfunnet Office and/or the UKA Office. The offices are located past the old SiÅs-desk at Samfunnet. During UKA you will always find a member of the UKA staff behind the desk.