Of course we`re having one of “the four great” in Norwegian music come to UKA in Ås!

DumDum Boys are one of the flagships in Norwegian music history. Since 1985 they’ve sailed under the name DumDum Boys and created one hit after the other for a longer period than most of us have walked this earth. We`re simply talking about living legends of Norwegian rock! Maybe your parents took rhoypnol to “Englefjes” the night you were conceived, or maybe it was you who sat screaming “Splitterpiiiiiine” at a nachspiel last Friday?

DumDum Boys are eternally loved, and their music is still rocking as hard as it did in `88. There aren`t that many touring Norwegian bands that we can introduce to UKA in Ås with the same pride as the boys in DumDum Boys, and there`s no doubt: there`s going to be a huge party in Aud.Max this Saturday!