CC Cowboys hardly need any further introduction. They are one of Norway’s most well known bands, and they have made quite a name for themselves in the world of Norwegian rock. Since their debut in 1990 they have become a favorite, and still hold the same reputation today. They are a hard working band, and with dozens of releases behind them they have performed at everything from big festivals and scenes to small, secluded bars. It’s about time they come back to Ås!

We are proud that we can offer CC Cowboys a spot in the UKA i Ås lineup. They are known for performing their asses off to excited audiences, be it a crowd of 30 or 3000. Their popular hits like “Tigergutt,” “Vill, Vakker og Våt,” and “Nå Kommer Jeg og Tar Deg” will be just some of the loved songs that will rock the atmosphere in Aud.Max. There is no doubt that everyone will be joining in in song this Friday! Come out for what will without a doubt be an unforgettable night celebrated in good old Ås style - an awesome and nostalgic concert experience - with a beer in each hand, singing along with good friends. We are so excited to see them here in October!